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Updated: 04/16/15
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Web Content & Social Media

Allan Colombo offers a unique perspective and writing style to the written word in the physical security and life safety markets. This includes web content, articles, blog composition, mass e-mailings, social media outreach, and case studies.

Al Colombo has written for nearly every major print magazine in the security and life-safety markets. He's written for SDM, SSI, SD&I, LS&S, EC, AID, as well as several major equipment manufacturers, such as Honeywell, DMP, HAI, GE Security, and Camden. For a complete listing along with number of years experience with each, click here.

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ISIO Master In Mind
App for Tablet & Laptop
E-Connect App tool for mobile access to Master in Mind study course on lie and deception detection.

Allan B. Colombo
Call 330-956-9003