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About TpromoCom

TpromoCom, a social media and web content company, offers comprehensive online programs that focus on Web Content, Website Design, Social Media Services, Web Hosting, eCommerce, and more. Directed by Al Colombo, a professional, 30+ year veteran of the written word. Colombo brings thousands of bylined articles and a boat load of experience with copywriting for equipment manufacturers.

As an organization, TpromoCom is dedicated to providing the finest in online, digital products and services available. Our professionals will assist you in creating the best website, blog, on-Web content, and social media outreach for your company or organization. If you have a specific application, let TpromoCom assist you in providing the public exposure you require. Contact us at 614-585-2091 or email us at CopyWriter@Tpromo.Com.

Historical Information on TpromoCom

The TpromoCom business began as Thompson Promotions, AKA: Tpromo, in 1995 under the direction of John Thompson, owner of Thompson Photography. The business primarily served Thompson Photography's clients, such as dancers, musical groups, musicians, magicians, models, and more.

The firm specialized in creating websites for Thompson Photography clients, along with the digital marketing services to go with it. After a number of years, in the year 2000, Thompson decided to focus on the photography side, selling his portion of the Tpromo business to his partner, Allan Colombo.

For more information on TpromoCom services, click here. To read samples of Al Colombo's work, click here. To contact him, call 330-956-9003, send an email to CopyWriter@Tpromo.Com, or use our Contact Us page.

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Why do You Need to
Be on the WEB?

In the year 2000 there were approximately 122 million Internet users in the United States. According to Statista, a well known source of reliable statistical data, last year there were approximately 287 million Internet users. By the end of 2017, we could see well over 350 to 400 million.

Why should this matter to you? Because if you're in business or you sell someone else's products, if you have a website, it must be a good one to attract and hold the attention of those who share your passion. Otherwise, they'll keep looking for the right company to do business with. Make sure that company is yours by calling TpromoCom today at 330-956-9003, or send an email to Copywriter@Tpromo.Com!

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"Anyone who is Anybody has a website!"

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