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How Important are Hashtags to Your Social Media Outreach?

In this paper, you’ll learn what hashtags are, where to use them, and how to make them work for you.

Are you conducting social media outreach without the benefit of hashtags? Far too many companies and organizations post daily to their social media channels without a single hashtag, and that’s a shame considering the benefits that these little hash marks (#) bring to the table for those who use them in their social media outreach.

“What do hashtags do,” you ask? The answer: ”Hashtags create cross-network exposure.”

To make sure we’re on the same page here, a “hashtag” is a word or phrase preempted by a small hash mark (#), such as the #TpromoCom hashtag that appears in the header atop this page.

Hashtags, however, are more than mere hash marks that precede words and phrases. They actually are special links that take the reader on a journey through potentially a multitude of other social networks that have generated identical hashtags. The “cross network” issue involves the appearance of your hashtags to the followers of other social networks on special generated web pages provided by a fair number of social media networks.

What exactly is cross-network exposure? Simply put, “Cross-network exposure is the act of sharing your social media content with networks that belong to other individuals and organizations.”

“Cross networking” offers you an opportunity to gain new “fans,” “followers,” and “friends.” It introduces the members of foreign networks with an example of your work. Thus, these out-of-network social media followers now have an opportunity to follow and/or connect with you, thus becoming an integral part of your own network of followers.

In a word, cross-network exposure is what hashtags are all about!

To read the remainder of this paper on the importance and use of hashtags, download this free paper by sending an email to with "hashtags" in the subject line.

Thank you. Al Colombo

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