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Social Media Content is King and Here's Proof

In “Top 3 Ways To Stay Ahead of the SEO Pack in 2016, 2016 SEO Trends,” the author essentially says that social media is trending and will be more important than ever in 2016.

“Content from Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are already extremely important to the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). In 2016, we believe that more social media content will be indexed on Google, as well as Bing and Yahoo. This means in terms of SEO strategies, social media content is king. So, be prepared with someone on your team who understands social media, and can create strategies for social content optimization for maximum visibility” (

The other two essentials mentioned in the article are “Video,” and “Mobile Optimization.” In other words, nothing has really changed, other than search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, will place even more emphasis on Social Media content where it comes to ranking your organization’s website.

Well, tell us something we didn’t already know in 2015. We’ve all seen the widespread use and acceptance of social media across the board, across all age groups, and across all aspects of both private and public sectors. And now there’s one SEO firm that has gone on record saying that social media is an extremely important aspect of your SEO efforts.

There truly is no denying that Web Content must be the focus of your efforts, especially the content you release via your social media outreach program.

What’s the Purpose of Your Social Media Outreach?

The question is, do you have a social media program?

Let me explain in a little better detail what all of this means. There are many possible purposes for a social media program. If you own or operate a restaurant, if you’re able to target local communities surrounding your business, you can routinely alert them to special deals, such as lunch and dinner specials. You also can increase business during off-peak periods by making special offers, sending them down your social media pipeline multiple times a day.

Another possible purpose for social media is to bring new and present interested parties to your website in order to sell them a product(s) or service. In this case, the web content on your website must be designed and written in such a manner that it entices and convinces them that you, the firm, and the professionals who work for and with you are at the top of the game. This content must be compelling, informative, and of such value that these readers bookmark your website so they can return time and time again for more of the same!

So, nothing has really changed for those of us who make our living assembling, educating, and conducting social media services for others. We’ve long known that social media content is king, and to have a SEO-oriented firm admit this in print is not only gratifying for us, but it should be convincing to you that social media is where it’s at and where you want… where you need to be.

Whether you require someone to educate your staff, create a compelling social media outreach program for you, and/or conduct an effective social media outreach program for your organization on a daily basis, TpromoCom is here to assist.

For additional information, feel free to read a number of our informative articles on social media and web content here: For a free consultation on what social media can do for your organization, call 330-956-9003, or send an email to

About the Author

Allan B. Colombo is a design specialist and copywriter with TpromoCom of Columbus, Ohio. His specialty for more than 30 years has been the electronic and physical security market. Visit his website at www.Tpromo.Com, or send him an email at
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