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Social Media: The Big Picture

Iím sure you know me for my writings in security, such as SDM, SSI, TED, EC, SD&I, and others. Besides being a technical writer, for more than 30 years I have been involved in a variety of positions that involve public relations.

Over the past five years, Iíve taken on the role of social media practitioner, not only for myself but for my clients, such as Buckeye Protective; Electronic Systems Consultants; and massage therapist, Thomas Oakes. I specialize in the formation of multiple social media channels along with the creation of unique graphical content that intimately connects each of these oasisí of social exposure with the clientís website.

In addition, I specialize in creating unique, interesting content for my clientís websites and blogs, using it as a means of driving additional traffic to their websites through their social media outreach channels. I use automated marketing that enables me to schedule the release of interesting news and information, along with their own materials, on each of their social media channels in a coordinated, unified manner. All total, per day, my clientís readers are treated to no less than nine scheduled releases per day, two of which are related to an item of interest on their own website. The purpose of social media is to bring people to your website where you can sell them.

Iím telling you all of this because I see many of my business acquaintances placing information on one or two social media channels that relate entirely to their own products and services and nothing more. Some of these social channels are just as static and boring as their websites because there is nothing more to see. If you glance at it once, you need not visit this webspace again. If youíve seen it once, youíve seen it all. In other words, thereís no need for a repeat visit.

Trust me, this is NOT what social media is about. Iím reaching out to you because I have no problem sharing with you the big picture that defines todayís effective social media.

Iíll tell you this, there are many out there who say they understand it, and then there are others who have done their homework, who understand it from front to back. In a word, Iíve done my homework and now Iím ready to prove it to you as I have to my own social media clients. In fact, I invite you to read the comments of one of my clients regarding my unique services. To do so, go to: (this link will open up a PDF).

I invite youÖ I challenge you to give me a call and ask me for the Social Media Big Picture. Call me at 330-956-9003, write me at, or visit the social media section of my website at www.Tpromo.Com).

Thank you for reading my letter and I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regads,

Allan B. Colombo
Sr. Design Specialist

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