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The Danger of Duplicate Content

Looking to fill your website with content? Those who create a new website know that you have to have something on it otherwise there's no use in going there. The first reaction is to seek content, any content related to the overall theme of the site. Many go for quantity rather than quality simply because they can make their dollars stretch further by doing so. But is this the right thing to do in the long run? The answer to that is no.

So what exactly is Google's Panda? It's a search filter of sorts that looks for websites that contain what I would term, "poor content." Who will be adversely affected? Those who strove for quantity thinking they'd convert to quality over time (but never found the time to do it), those who "borrowed" pages from other websites on the Internet, and more.

Think of it this way. In order to get something you have to give something. If you're not willing to place quality, relevant content on your website, Google and other search engines will not give you high rankings in return. Not only that, but no one will find that kind of content interesting and eventually no one will stop by to read any of it.

So what's the cure? Plain and simple, write good, quality content-content that someone can use. Give your readers something to bite their teeth into. Dare to give something away even if you get nothing in return. But remember this, unless you give, you simply won't receive.

It's not easy to write quality content, but if you stick to what you know, then you should be alright. If you have a website that features products and or services that you do not specialize in, then it's necessary to find a subject matter expert to assist you. Either interview them in order to write your content or have them write it for you.

About the Author

Al Colombo is a copywriter and trade journalist, providing web content, social media outreach services, and website design and hosting.

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