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By Allan B. Colombo

One of the most important aspects of Internet use is that of security. It's important to the health of your computer--be it a laptop or desk top--that you incorporate the use of a service that checks web links, either automatically or on demand. It's even better when that link checker service is free!

There is such a link checker service on the Web and it is for free. It's called "Dr. Web URLogist."

  • First, open the following web address: http://vms.drweb.com/online/?lng=en
  • Second, copy the link that needs checked. That can be done in two ways. You can highlight the link, click the right mouse button, and then select "copy," or place the cursor over the link, press the right mouse button, and select "copy link location"
  • Third, go to Dr. Web and place the cursor in the field labeled "Check the link (URL)"
  • Fourth, paste the link into the field above by holding down the "Control (CTRL)" key and then pressing the letter "V"
  • Fifth, click on the "Send " button to the right of Dr. Web's "Check the link (URL)" field
  • Sixth, in a few seconds, a smaller window will open up in your browser and in a minute or so you will see the result of the scan. Click on "Close Window" when finished

I have personally used this service for many years and have had great luck with it.

Dr. Web's Link Checker Extension

Dr. Web Anti-Virus offers a free link checker extension to almost every possible web browser. Included are:
  • FireFox
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Chrome

What the link checker does is automatically check the safety aspects of URL links you click on. You also can place your cursor over the link, right mouse click, and choose to have Dr. Web scan the link for you on demand. To take advantage of this extension:

  • First, scroll down the same page on Dr. Web's URLogist page
  • Second, locate the "Install Dr.Web LinkChecker" section toward the bottom of the page.
  • Third, click on the browser icon that you commonly use, the one you're currently using while viewing Dr. Web's offerings.
  • Fourth, follow all the directions as Dr. Web installs the link checking extension on your machine.

To find additional free link checking services, go to the following URL on Hotbot. You will see a list of free services to check out: Click Here.

About the Author:

Allan B. Colombo has been a technical journalist/writer for more than 30 years. His career includes news print, security magazines, on-line content, and copy writing for an assortment of equipment manufacturers in the security and life-safety markets. He also is owner of www.Tpromo.com, a web design/hosting firm since 1995. To contact Allan B. Colombo, send an email to abc@alcolombo.us or visit his biographical page on the Internet at http://www.alcolombo.net.

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