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Where do you go to conduct serious online research?

COLUMBUS, Ohio (December 9, 2015) - Where do you go when you have a project that requires a high degree of research? Search engines are probably the most obvious place to turn, unless you conduct research on a regular basis, such as Google. But wonder if there are search utilities out there that are better suited to your research efforts that can provide you even more specific information than Google is able to provide. If you are a serious researcher, can help.

ToganX contains five main research categories: 1) News, 2) Search, 3) Blogs, 4) Research, and 5) Links.

On the Search Page alone there are more than 116 links to more than 48 standard search engines, 16 different online encyclopedias, 17 online dictionaries, ten thesaurus', 15 weather-related utilities, and ten satellite and map services. On the Research Page there are an additional 233 links: 26 people search services, 25 historical-related utilities, 22 professional-related services, 14 special libraries, 43 government-related web assets, 13 university and college library links, 19 science and technology research services, and others.

The News Page also contains more than 124 links, offering 10 foreign news sources, 15 domestic, 14 political, 35 security and life safety, 16 science and technology, 13 government, and 21 miscellaneous links to a variety of specialized news sources including a variety of video news services. Briefly, the Blogs Page contains 101 source links, and the Links Page contains 221 links.

There also are several sub categories that provide general information, such as articles, tutorials, videos, crime prevention info, and health-related links, all of which offers specific stories and other information to assist you in your daily life. On the Articles Page, for example, there are more than 56 source links: 11 website optimization articles, 4 health and wealth, 23 safety and security, 7 leadership, and others. On the Tutorial Page there are a total of 73 links thus far: 22 computer related, 24 general tutorials on an assortment of topics, 14 social media, 11 on Word Press optimization, and others.

ToganX is ideal for teachers, students, and those who do research for business. There is no cost associated with using ToganX. Perhaps you can help us expand our offerings by sending us your favorite links. Send them to, and put the power of ToganX to work for you. Go to:

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