How the Squeaky Wheel and a Can of Grease Resembles Social Media

How the Squeaky Wheel and a Can of Grease Resembles Social Media

By Allan B. Colombo

Those who are old enough will remember the age old adage, "The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease." What it means is that it's the wheel that screeches the loudest that gets the attention. In so many ways this old saying also applies to social media today.

The fact is, the more posting we do across all relevant social media networks, the more likely our efforts will create the results that we're all looking for-which equates to attention and higher conversion rates. Here's the bottom line. Those who post once or twice a day on one or two social media networks are less likely to realize their goal than those who post eight, 10, or more times a day over four or more social channels.

There are those who rationalize that posting so many times can be distracting to people and thus not productive in their goal of creating more traffic to their website. This would be true of course if all they were to publish pertains only to their own product(s) and/or service(s). Instead, you need to post interesting news and information relative to what you have to offer. Here's the trick in a nutshell: publish using the 80/20 rule-80 percent other people's news and information and 20 percent your own.

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