Here's Why You Need to Hire Credible Authors
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Here's Why You Need to Hire Credible Authors

There's a lot about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that even the best of web designers do not know. One thing that many of us working on the Web do not realize is that Google has turned its ranking efforts over to an AI (Artificial Intelligence) that knows the difference between a well written or poorly written article, just as the same AI can distinguish between a freelance writer who has absolutely no experience in whatever he or she's writing about.

The other item of news that even I found interesting is the fact that Google's AI knows the difference between small talk and immensely important information. The AI also can examine the credentials of a writer. An inexperienced freelance writer will not carry the same weight or importance as an author that has worked and written in a specific market, such as physical security or fire protection.

"Google evaluates pages using the E.A.T. principle, which stands simply for expertise, authority and trustworthiness. This is especially true of what it calls YMYL pages or 'Your Money or Your Life.' These are pages that according to Google 'could potentially have an effect on future health, happiness, or financial stability of users'," says Travis Bliffen, author of Not All Content is Created Equal: The Value of Expert Authors in an AI-Driven Search Engine. (click here)
So what does this have to do with you, an alarm dealer, systems integrator, or fire alarm contractor? It means that the 7-cent-a-word freelance writers you often use to write your content, largely with your help, will not be seen in the same light as that which is written by long-standing, respected authors in the same industry in which you work.

A good example of this can easily be seen on the Web pages of a fire alarm contractor that hires that 7-cents-a-word freelancer instead of a 35-cents-a-word well reputable and honored author who has worked in the fire safety arena over 30 years, such as myself, Al Colombo.

I have lost a few projects to authors who charge only 7 cent a word and believe me, you can tell the difference when it comes out the other end-but it's all about money to some of us, and those individuals will always hire based on cash rather than respected and recognized quality.

If you're someone in the fire or security market that is looking for quality content for your website or blog, call TpromoCom and chat with me--Al Colombo. Rather than accepting work from an unestablished freelancer who hasn't worked in this industry before, at least call and speak with me about your project. There's always a chance that I'll do the first one or two articles for a reduced per-word fee just to get things going. At least call and ask. What do you have to lose?

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