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Everything Google on ToganX.info

by Allan B. Colombo

Many of us who work in an office that use a computer know all too well the value we assign to the "free" Google Tools that would cost use hundreds of dollars if we were to purchase them on the open market. ToganX knows very well how much Google means to so many, and so we've loaded a full complement of links leading to nearly Everything Google.

Myself, I use Google online for nearly every story I write that appears in Security Sales & Integration and Locksmith Ledger.

  1. First, there's Google Drive-a depository of files of all kinds that can be accessed by additional Google Tools as well as the programs you have in your own computer. Did I forget to add a note about the many great Google applications you can get from the Google Play Store?
  2. Google Docs has got to be the 2nd most popular online tool to me. With functions similar to Microsoft Word™, I'm able to produce quality Word-like files that can be stored in subdirectories stored within Google Drive (see item 1 above).
  3. The third most popular tool to me is that of Google News. There was a day in the past when you had to purchase a news clipping service. Now, today, Google gives it away for free. Talk about an invaluable tool for the journalist, researcher, business person, etc.
With all this in mind, if I say the word, "MCI Mail" does it revive any memories? Talk about a Google-like service. MCI provided mass faxing (at a hefty price), mass emailing, as well as a news clipping service. I am relatively sure there were a myriad of other services that MCI provided, but these were the only ones I utilized when employed by Security Distributing & Marketing (SDM) in Chicago. Google offers it for free, and right to your mail box through Google News Alerts.

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