Here's Why Organic is DOA on Facebook
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Here's Why Organic is DOA on Facebook

As you may have heard, Facebook has made a decision to focus more on interaction through the use of Facebook groups and personal connections than Business Pages. What this has effectively done is to reduce the likelihood that business pages will summon attention in the news feed where Facebook allowed them to do so in the past. For more information on why Facebook is changing, click here.

I removed these pages because no matter what I did, there was no way that they would or could once again be successful at attracting readers. Nothing was there for sale, only news and information that catered to 1) those interested in security and safety, and 2) those interested in digital online marketing.

Take for example my Security Mission Page, which is still up and running ( and a story entitled 'How much it costs Cape Town to set up CCTV - and how successful they are at stopping crime.'

First, allow me to explain how this works in the TpromoCom network. The actual news item originates on our news website called Security eNews (click here). This is where all external links lead, no matter what the social media network.
(See following pic, and please keep scrolling)

Security eNews screenshot

Without going into the mechanics of what I do and why I do it, as you can see, all significant hashtags are contained atop the story so all news networks will include them in the version of this social media post on their network. As you can see, the number of Facebook views iis ZERO.
(See following pic, and please keep scrolling)

Facebook screen shot

On the LinkedIn network, at the time the following screenshot was taken, 126 people read this story. Now compare this to the ZERO number of reads/reached individuals on Facebook.
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LinkedIn screenshot

If you look at the publish date on the original Security eNews news item, it's been up since April 29, 2018. The screenshots taken before you were taken about 1 a.m. on May 1, 2018. I have seen the very same posting on Facebook that drew no more than 12 reaches command more than 2,000 views on LinkedIn in a relatively short period of time. Since my primary audience are security and life-safety professionals and for most of my own clients it's commercial and institutional enterprises. So guess where I'll tell these clients of mine to spend their money (not Facebook either)?

The other issue that leads me to view Facebook as a person's personal online social media network rather than a commercial enterprise communication tool is the fact that the amount of money necessary to realize a decent return on investment (ROI) is relatively high. In my next blog post I'll tell you more about that. Tune in Tuesday morning, May 8th, to read it.

With all of this said, I will say that businesses need to maintain their Facebook Page, but they also need to understand why the number of individuals reached is far less than it once was.

I continue to maintain our Security Mission page, but only because it becomes a depository of our company's daily social media news. In the case of TpromoCom, we can channel news to this location along with all our other news at no additional cost, so it makes sense to have this page in place. Who knows, Facebook may one day decide to give as well as receive.

--Al Colombo

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