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Experience the Power of ToganX Links

ToganX puts the power of "Links" at your fingertips. We offer hundreds and hundreds of links providing an equal number of potential destinations where you can visit, traveling the globe doing so. The "Links" section in particular offers up 16 different destinations (see below).


Our "Email" portion of the "Links" page provides 24 different flavors of email clients, all web based. There are two of note that should be reviewed: LocBin (free and paid versions) and Hushmail (paid).

Both of these email clients are encrypted, creating private email that allows you to talk in private without the world's listening ear. Both feature an encryption method that allows you to speak your inner most thoughts without worry. Of course, there is nothing that can prevent the best of the best from breaking into your personal communications, but these two email clients are as close to the mark as you're going to get.

The "Google" section offers up almost everything that Google has to offer a common, ordinary person. There are 18 links to choose from, from Google Books to Google's YouTube. Drive is probably one of the most common utilities used by the most people who advocate Google'. Drive is a file storage/sharing utility that is one of the best of its kind, although there are others. Google gives you 15GB of file space, which is shared among all your Google clients, which includes email attachments.

There are far too many great links io the "Links" page to elaborate on them all, so I will limit this discussion to only a few.

CANTON, Ohio (December 4, 2016) -- Get a free Whopper how you want it from Burger King by taking a survey and purchasing a fry and drink (any size). Want a free Big Mac? McDonalds will give you one if you take a 5 min. survey and you make a purchase of any kind. Do you like Dilly Bars? Dairy Queen will give you one if you take a 5 min. survey (no purchase necessary). What about a free stack of pancakes? Denny's will give you a stack free of charge with the purchase of any beverage. (http://bit.ly/1RXWaBr scroll down)

We've added free stuff to the "Free Stuff" section several times since December of 2016. Some of the free stuff you can get includes a free Burger King whopper, a free BigMac or Breakfaste Sandwich when you buy one, a free Dilly Bar at Dairy Queen, you can win $500 by clicking on the Taco Bell link, and much, much more.

The ToganX website has thousands of links to choose from. We're adding links all the time. ToganX is a product and service of TpromoCom of Canton, Ohio. To visit the "Links" page on ToganX, go to: http://bit.ly/22A9BxD. Use the menu on the left side of the page.

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