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Physical therapy can help alleviate pain

The American Academy of Pain Medicine reports that pain disorders are on the rise – affecting more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. In response to this growing epidemic, the CDC released opioid prescribing guidelines in March 2016. While the guidelines certainly recognize the role of opioids in certain cases, such as cancer treatment, end of life care and management of acute pain, for other pain management, the CDC recommends non-opioid approaches including physical therapy. | This health message is brought to you by Thomas Oakes, massage therapist, North Canton, Ohio. For more information, go to

The importance of quality massage therapy to professionals Kristine Dwyer with says that “Massage therapy isn’t just a luxury anymore and has actually become a vital part of health care practices worldwide. It is a holistic therapy that has shown positive effects on physical and mental health in addition to enhancing medical treatments. Having a massage does more than just relax the body and mind.”

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About Tom Oakes

  • Licensed massage therapist by Medical Board for 30 years.
  • Tom owned and operated Oakes School of Massage Therapy, formerly located in Massillong, Ohio.
  • Tom's Philosophy is, "I can releave tight & painful muscles by using the soft approach. Deep tissue massage can tear blood vessels and Lymph tissue in the body."
  • Pain and disease is caused by lack of circulation to the tissue.
  • By doing the soft approach he is able to relax the nerves which relaxes the muscles and increases circulation.
  • Tom can also perform joint movements which also increases circulation.
  • He positions the muscules in a relaxing position to releave tightness.
  • He also worka the accupressure points to move energy through the body.

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